Thoughts on USD Index

This post is inspired in part by Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker), CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management.  On his website this morning, he reprinted a tweetstorm regarding Glass-Steagall, when it started, when it was repealed and how the US has fared since then. In this case, I am reprinting a conversation held with a couple of other Twitter users, regarding the … More Thoughts on USD Index

Correlation in Absolute Return

Periods of heightened volatility are expected in every investment strategy.  For hedge funds, the raison d’etre is to provide access to investment strategies that “hedge” out this volatility.  In most cases, the hedge fund will use leverage and negatively correlated assets to provide alpha with lower volatility than the S&P 500, or any other benchmark. When markets dip … More Correlation in Absolute Return