Twitter #MustFollows

Twitter may not be the most appreciated social media format for most, but it is my favorite tool for communicating with or following some of the brightest minds in the financial and economic community.

The limited amount of characters forces people to be more  concise in communicating a theme or message.  I prefer to glance through a feed of subjects, being allowed to choose quickly which themes I want to follow up on, without my desktop or mobile device being cluttered with a bunch of pictures or videos that aren’t germane to my interests in finance and economics.

Here is a list of those I recommend as #mustfollows.  It is a summary of those I am most keen to follow on an every day basis.  It is not a comprehensive list of “BFF’s” and I may have left some out by mistake.

@michaelliebowitz @jessefelder @LizAnnSonders @HarryDentjr @RPSeawright @adamfeuerstein @KeithMcCullough @SJosephBurns @DaveHContrarian @HayekAndKeynes @PaperMoneyEcon @McClellanOsc @from_10000ft @JOSEG333 @LongShortTrader @Cimmerian999 @mtaibbi @RichBTIG @ojblanchard1 @AlastairWinter @MaleehaMBCC @kocherlakota009 @BaldingsWorld @Ole_S_Hansen @jsblokland @HolgerSandte @AdamBScott1979 @PrometheusAM @Halsrethink @DrPippaM @NewRiverInvest @LeutholdGroup @PaulGambles2 @RudyHavenstein @groditi @htsfhickey @DiMartinoBooth @ReformedBroker @EpsilonTheory @steve_hanke @georgemagnus1 @muddywatersre @michaelbatnick @ukarlewitz @DavidSchawel @dambisamoyo @conorsen @prchovanec @DanielAlpert @PeterLBrandt @agurevich23 @AmbroseEP @ProfessorWerner @EMostaque @nanexllc @jsmian @JamesGRickards @ianbremmer @Kaletsky @ttmygh @elerianm @nfergus @AxelMerk @WorthWray @RaoulGMI @nntaleb @Jesse_Livermore @JosephEStiglitz @zerohedge @dlacalle @JohnFMauldin @MarkYusko



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