Correlation in Absolute Return

Periods of heightened volatility are expected in every investment strategy.  For hedge funds, the raison d’etre is to provide access to investment strategies that “hedge” out this volatility.  In most cases, the hedge fund will use leverage and negatively correlated assets to provide alpha with lower volatility than the S&P 500, or any other benchmark. When markets dip … More Correlation in Absolute Return

Twitter #MustFollows

Twitter may not be the most appreciated social media format for most, but it is my favorite tool for communicating with or following some of the brightest minds in the financial and economic community. The limited amount of characters forces people to be more  concise in communicating a theme or message.  I prefer to glance through a feed of … More Twitter #MustFollows

One Day…Not a Trend

At the beginning of 2015, I faced major backlash from people who questioned my view that the longer termed US Treasuries should be a core position in fixed income portfolios.  After all, the Federal Reserve had finally indicated a desire to raise rates and the duration risk posed by longer dated bonds made my view … More One Day…Not a Trend

Absolute Return

Several years ago I began to tinker with the typical portfolio construction models offered to clients of the banks I worked at.  In training, we were told that the best models were those that allocated money to active, established money managers such as Franklin Templeton, MFS, etc.  Time taught me that even the Bill Miller’s … More Absolute Return