Ethereum Bubble

This week, I was contacted by a journalist requesting my comments regarding a response to the following tweet by @tracyalloway, the managing editor at Bloomberg Markets: My response was the following: The reporter sought me out to understand the purpose of my comment.  The question of whether or not I was responsible for the post … More Ethereum Bubble

When will the next US recession occur?

This was the question posed by Jesse Livermore (@Jesse_Livermore, in a poll he posted on @Twitter last night.  At the time of this writing, 15% of respondents thought it could still occur this year, 34% believe it will occur next year, 26% believe it will happen in 2019 and a quarter of respondents think it will begin … More When will the next US recession occur?

Ignoring the Noise

Since beginning the Absolute Return Strategy, every year has posed a number of risks to the viability of the model.  The main risk is the possible correlation of different asset classes within a single market, since the assets I am using for this model are the QQQ and TLT exchange traded funds, which focus on the … More Ignoring the Noise

Sowing Seeds of Populism in Panama

This post is focused on my country of Panama.  Much has happened since my last post in September. In October I was asked to help with certain aspects of the organization and logistics of two important global conferences being held in Panama, the World Social Security Forum (November 14-18) and the International Anti-Corruption Conference (December … More Sowing Seeds of Populism in Panama

Looking back at “Trend of Interest Rates”, posted on May 26, 2016

If you have yet to read the post, you can find it here.  Towards the end of the post you will find the following paragraph: In summary, financing costs, as represented by the rate imposed by the US central bank, rates used in bank lending and the rate acceptable to debtors, should remain relatively low. … More Looking back at “Trend of Interest Rates”, posted on May 26, 2016

Fat Lady Not Singing…Yet

  Many of us chart watchers keep constant vigil on the activity of different indicators, looking for signs that help us to make better investment, or disinvestment, decisions.  Some indicators are very arcane, the implications of which escape the understanding of many everyday savers.  For much of the last 2 years, analysts and investment advisors (yours truly included) have been justifiably … More Fat Lady Not Singing…Yet